Andrzej Pierończyk, Eng. Locksmith Production

Co-operation in Manufacturing of Industrial Products & Prototype Building

Budowlana St. 5
41-100 Siemianowice ¦l±skie
Tel. (48) (32) 258 92 17
Fax: (48) (32) 203 80 84

Distance from the centre of Katowice - 5 km
Location - near the Warszawa-Katowice motorway
Founded: in 1982
Legal form: a private entity


Andrzej Pierończyk, Eng. - owner mobile: (48) 601 589 217
Damian Pierończyk, M.Sc. - development specialist - English, German mobile. (48) 502 203 310
Languages: English, German
Number of employees: 10 - with possibility to employ 30 people in case of service rendered

Additional Information:

a/ we know how to find subcontractors for tasks we do not provide ourselves
b/ we know how to organize transport - abroad dispatches
c/ we have appropriate workshops and back-up facilities
d/ we can prepare cost calculations and works schedules with deadlines
e/ we can solve technical and processing problems
f/ we do not provide service for one main buyer, thus having major turnovers with one customer
g/ we are able to purchase all necessary production materials
h/ we do not have our own design office but we are in touch with a subcontractor that operates AUTOCAD
i/ we have experience in prototype production
j/ we co-operate with our regular partners within the range of hot & electrolytic galvanizing, powder painting, shot blasting, laser burning, certified heat treatment.